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Like most people I've always enjoyed perfume, but never had more than one or two perfumes at a time for most of my life. My teen years were in the 80s so my first perfume loves were body shop perfumes (Jasmine Musk I think it was) then Magie Noire by Lancome, Coco Chanel then my all-time favourite No 19. An interest in scent runs in the family and my sister trained many years ago in aromatherapy, so I had the chance to smell hundreds of absolutes and essential oils and I was always fascinated by other people's perfumes and smells in general.

In 2008 I discovered Fragrantica.com while working on a one year contract in Stoke on Trent in the UK's West Midlands. Pining as I was for the landscape of Scotland (I'm from Edinburgh) I discovered Prada's Infusion d'Iris - my response to this nostalgic green woody iris was deeply emotional, and thus began my journey through the perfumed maze!

I was possessed by the desire to know everything about perfume, and in my internet searches I discovered the excellent Perfume Shrine which probably has as much info about the chemistry of perfume as you can learn without enrolling on a perfume chemistry course.

From there, I discovered many amusing and informative perfume blogs written by charming, well informed people. (On the weblinks column immediately to your right is a list of excellent perfume blogs and websites which I highly recommend)

I don't own nearly as many perfumes as other perfumistas do, in fact I buy, sell and sample; only the most loved and worn perfumes stay in my collection, some because they're vintages or classics and it feels right to have them, even though I don't wear them often.

When I'm not sniffing perfume and writing about it here on my blog, I paint. I'm a full-time artist (my recent paintings can be viewed at my artist's blog - Here )

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the site.

Rose Strang

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